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Nama : Fitrian Imaduddin, Jurusan Dakwah, Semester IV

NIM : 2007.11.013

Kind of Tafsir Al-Qur’an

Each interpreter will produce a different pattern depending on the interpreter’s background knowledge, the flow of Kalam, mahzab fiqih, sufisme tendency of mufassir itself so that the interpreter would have produced different patterns. Darraz Abdullah said in an-Naba ‘al-Azhim as follows: “Ayat-ayat Al-Qur’an is like diamond, each sudutnya shed a different light to that radiated from the corners, and not impossible if we mempersilahkan other people memandangnya, he will see a lot compared to what we see. ”

Among the various patterns that are:

Literary language patterns: the emergence of this pattern due to the many non-Arab people who embrace Islam as well as those due to the weakness of the Arabs themselves in the field of literature so that the perceived need to explain to them about the depth of meaning and distinguish the actual Al-Qur’an in this field.

Philosophy and Theology pattern: This pattern appears due to a translation of the Book philosophy that affects several parties, and the inclusion of other religions to Islam and ultimately the cause of contention in their commentary.

Scientific style interpretation: due to the progress of science and technology, the show attempts of Al-Qur’an in line with the development of science occurs.

Corak Jurisprudence: fiqih due to the development of science and terbentuknya madzhab-Jurisprudence mahzab then each tried to prove the truth of opinions, based on their interpretation of the verses of the law.

Mysticism pattern: due to the emergence of movements then appear Sufi tafsir-tafsir also performed by the Sufi mysticism is figured.

Literary Society Culture pattern: this pattern began in the Sheikh Muhammad Abduh, the instructions that explain the verses of Al-Qur’an that directly associated with the life of the community, efforts to address the issues based on their instructions verses, with the express instructions in a language that is easily understood and well heard.


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