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Nama : Fitrian Imaduddin, Jurusan Dakwah, Semester IV

NIM : 2007.11.013

Methodology Tafsir al-Qur’an

Tafsir methodology is divided into four different methods namely tahlili, ijmali methods, methods muqarin and methods maudlu’i.

  1. Method Tahlili (Analytics)

Tahlili method is a method of interpreting the Qur’an Al-try Al-Qur’an describes the various disjoint seginya and explain what is meant by Al-Qur’an. This method is that the oldest and most frequently used.

This commentary is done in order for the paragraph and paragraph letter for letter from beginning to end in accordance with the order of Al-Qur’an. He explains vocabulary and lafazh, explains the meaning of the desired, target the uterus and dituju clause, the elements I’jaz, balaghah, beauty and order of sentences, explain what can be taken from a verse that is fiqih law, proof syar’i, meaning in language, norms and morals etc..

  1. Method Ijmali (Global)

This method is tried interpret al-Qur’an briefly and global, with explaining the meaning of each sentence with a concise language so easy to understand. The sequence of the same method tahlili but have differences in terms of explanation and not a short length.

Specialties commentary on this kemudahannya so that there can be consumed by the layers and levels of Muslims equally. While kelemahannya have on the explanation that is too brief, so can not become the meaning of paragraph a broad and can not solve the problem completely.

  1. Method Muqarin

Tafsir use this method with the comparison between the verse paragraph, or paragraph with the hadith, or the opinions of the ulama tafsir with weight differences of objects that be that.

  1. Method Maudhu’i (Thematic)

This method is a method of commentary that tried to find answers to the Al-Qur’an is the verses of Al-Qur’an that have one goal, which together cover a particular topic or title and menertibkannya in accordance with the decrease in tune with the causes decline, and then consider the verses with explanations-explanations, proofs and relationship-relationship with other verses and then take the laws there of.


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