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Nama : Fitrian Imaduddin, Jurusan Dakwah, Semester IV

NIM : 2007.11.013

Relations in the Al-Qur’an include:

The scholars who menekuni science munasabah Al-Qur’an revealed even to prove the suitability, at least in the relationship include: [4]

1. Relationships between one Surah with Surah before. One Surah Surah previous work describes, for example, in Surah Al-Fatihah verse 6 are:

“Show Us the Straight Path,” (QS Al-Fatihah: 6)

Then explained in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 2, that the straight path that is to follow the instructions al-Qur’an, as mentioned:

“Book (Al Quran) is no doubt; instructions for those who bertaqwa” (QS Al-Baqarah: 2)

2. Relationships between the content of the name of Surah Surah or destination. Surah names are usually taken from a basic problem in one Surah, for example, Surah An-Nisa ‘(women) because there a lot of narrative about women’s issues.

3. Relationships between the first paragraph with the last paragraph in one Surah. For example, Surah al-Mu’minuun starts with:

“Indeed, are those who believe,” (QS Al-Mu’minuun: 1)

Then end with:

“Surely those who disbelieve not lucky.” (QS Al-Mu’minuun: 117)

4. Relationship between one paragraph with another paragraph in one Surah. For example the word “Muttaqin” in Surah Al-Baqarah verse described in paragraph 2 of the next-cirri characteristic of those who bertaqwa.

5. Relationships between sentences in one paragraph. For example, in Surah al-Fatihah verse 1: “Praise be to Allah”, and explained in the next sentence: “The Lord of the Worlds”.

6. Fashilah relationship between the content of the paragraph. For example in the letter of al-Ahzab verse 25 is mentioned:

“God and avoid the believers from the war” (QS Al-Ahzab: 25)

“And Allah is strong is the Mighty.” (QS Al-Ahzab: 25)

7. Relationships between cover Surah with Surah early next. For example, the cover letter of al-Waqi’ah:

“So glorify the (his) name Rabbmu which is great.” (QS Al-Waqi’ah: 96)


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