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Nama : Fitrian Imaduddin, Jurusan Dakwah, Semester IV

NIM : 2007.11.013


According to the language interpreter is an explanation or description, as can be understood from the Quran S. Al-Furqan: 33. speech means that speech has been construed in a firm and clear.

According to the terms, the commentary is the science of studying the book of the womb that God revealed to the Prophet SAW., The following explanation of its meaning and wisdom-hikmahnya. Some experts propose that the commentary is commentary that discusses the science of al-Quran al-Karim does in terms of the purpose of God according to the ability of human beings. The more simple, as the commentary stated that the explanation desired by the word.

Division of Tafsir

Commentary can be divided into three types:

Tafsir history

Tafsir history often called the term naql tafsir or commentary ma’tsur. How can this type of interpreting the verses of al-Quran by al-Quran verses that fit, and interpret the verses of the Quran al-nash’s as-Sunnah. Because one function is as-Sunnah al-interpret the Koran.

Tafsir dirayah

Tafsir dirayah also called tafsir bi ra’yi. Tafsir dirayah diligence is a way that is based on the proposition-the proposition shahih, the pure principle and right.

Tafsir dirayah not interpret Quran according to al-conscience or the will merely because it is prohibited based on the word of the Prophet:

“Anyone who lied on the name he had deliberately must be willing to place himself in hell. And anyone who menafsirkn al-Quran with ra’yunya then hedaknya he is willing to place themselves in hell.” (HR. Turmudzi of Ibn Abbas)

“Who interprets al-Quran with ra’yunya happens right, it would have made a mistake” (David’s HR. Abi Jundab).

Ra’yu is meant by the two above hadith is carnality.

Hadith-hadith above prohibit someone interprets al-Quran without knowledge, or own course without knowing the basics of the language and Syariat as nahwu, sharaf, balaghah, ushul Jurisprudence, and others.


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