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Nama : Fitrian Imaduddin, Jurusan Dakwah, Semester IV

NIM : 2007.11.013

The Qur’an Miracle

The etimologis, miracle of change of spelling miracle which means weakened. So ijaz can mean kemukjizatan, which weakens, that makes something or the other party is not powerless. Signs saying something, because the human weakness to bring the same as compare to her. In addition, the Qur’an is able to weaken the challenge of those who create works of a similar behavior. In relation to the function of the Prophet Muhammad as the messenger of Allah, the Al-Qur’an kemukjizatan want to show the function of truth and apostolic kenabiannya and brought the holy book.

A. The Value of Qur’an Miracle

Holy book of Al-Qur’an is about 25 centuries ago, a challenge (al-tahadda) to people who can menandinginya for it, but no one can answer these challenges. They do not even sangup menirunya, because the Qur’an is not the work of man, and indeed can not ditandingi, also may not diungguli.

Scholars argued that the Qur’an is quite kei’jazan with a full, though short, or with the size of one letter, either one paragraph or several verses. Hold this opinion to the verses that relate to the challenges dilontarkan of the writer that when the Al-Qur’an. Eg ditantang them to bring the exact same with Al-Qur’an as a whole (QS. Al-isra’88), with ten letters (QS. Hood 13-14) with a letter (QS. Yunus 38) and discussion with the like Al-Qur’an ( Thur-34). However, this does not mean that the degree kei’jazan Al-Qur’an only lies in the degree-level only.

If Al-Qur’an are examined carefully, it will be found kei’jazan Al-Qur’an clearly. Kadar kei’jazan Al-Qur’an that includes three aspects, ie aspects of the language, information ilmiyahnya, tasri’nya aspects. In this case jumhur Muslims think that al-Qur’an, and all that there is no miracle, including the structure of sentences, balaghah, explanation, tasri’nya, supernatural news and other issues.

B. Kei’jazan aspects of the Al-Qur’an

Kei’jazan Al-Qur’an can be seen from three things, namely the beauty of language and accuracy, information ghaibnya-signaling and signaling keilmuannya.

1. Al-Qur’an I’jaz aspect of Kebahasaan

Al-Qur’an kei’jazan located on keindaha and ketrelitian language than the content and illustrations-ilustrasinya. Al-Qur’an Kei’jazan aspects of kebahasaan, there are at least three things. First, the balance in the word. In this kei’jazan there are at least five forms, namely:

a. balance the number of words with antonimnya. Among them, al-hayy (live) and ai-mawt (die) is 145 times; al-naf ‘(benefits) and al madharah (disadvantage) of 50 times; al-har (hot) and al-badar (cold) of 4 times;

b. balance the number of words and sinonimnya. Among them:, al-al-harts and pilgrimage (hijack / ranch) is 14 times; al-zhahr and al’alaniyyah (real / not real) as much as 16 times;

c. balance the number of inter-syllable words that refer to the consequences. Among them, al-infaq (infak) with Ridha al ‘(pleased) as much as 73 times;

d. balance between the number of words with the word cause. For example, al-isyraf (waste) with the al-sur’ah (ketergesa-gesaan); al-asra ‘(prisoners) with the al-harb (war); al-salam (peace) with the al-thayyibah (good) as much as 60 times;

e. balance-a balance that is special. For example, the word yawm (days) in the form of a single 365 in accordance with the number of days in a year. While the word ayyam pemakaiannya 30, according to days in a month. Besides, the words that indicate the messenger of God, namely apostles, prophets, basyir, nadir, which overall amounted to 518. this amount is equal to the number of pronouncing the names of rissalah god, that is, as many as 518.

Second, the letter that menjafi letter opener.

Khalafat God, Quraysh quoted Shihab as conveying research results on Al-Qur’an, ie, the consistency of the letter is used as a letter opener, as well as the revelation of God otentisitasnya. As the say in the letters that begin with the letter, the number of letters in the mail-out is always divided by 19. the letter qaf, for example, which is a letter to-50, found repeated as many as 57 times, ie 3 x 19. such letters as the other lines in the other Al-Qur’an.

Third, the beauty of word order and patterns kalimatnya. For the latter, the ulamak acknowledge that Al-Qur’an uses language that is easy, fluent and beautiful order of words and free from tanafur (no conformity) and ta’qid (complex and difficult)


Penulis: fitrianimaduddin

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